Tuesday, 17 January 2017

whats its like to be a daily video adder on youtube


its hard having to have videos ready everyday to be posted, my videos are backed up for over 3 weeks so realistically when you get a video its actually been 3 weeks old, but there is no way in hell im going to make a video that day and then post it that day, because i could be making a video at 11:15 pm and by the time its done and up on my channel to be viewed its actually the next day,
like today its 11:44pm and im uploading today's and tomorrows now so that there ready to be posted,
in the morning im going to start my exercise routine and its gonna be hard heres how its going to go.

9:00am- get ready for day
9:30-let animals out
9:35-have breakfast
10:30-train saviour
11:00- do my makeup and get changed
11:30-do dishes and washing
12:00pm-free time (would be put youtube video up)
12:20- write book chapters (2 on main...1 on extra...1 on disorder)
2;00-make a youtube video
2:20- have lunch
2:40-train saviour
3:00-go for quick run
after im done with my run i then have time to do what ever i need to.

im gonna go and get some sleep i will see you guys later...

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