Monday, 9 January 2017

what do i identify as


something i get asked more then enough when im at school is what am i well that's easy im human, no they say what do you identify as, what is your type of person to date and what are you? that's simple enough for everyone out there let me tell you more about my 'identity' 

what gender do i like?
i like both girls and boys so i identify in this sense as bisexual but if you where to ask me what sort of personality i like in both genders that would be harder to say on the girl side then the guys.
for guys i like the shy and nerdy type, the type that is afraid to hurt you or make a move, but i also like a guy with a bad boy streak not the druggy type or the criminal type the type that can be dominating when needed e.g. intercourse. i like a guy who knows how to cook and clean, and understands my fussy eating habits, a guy who wont crittersie me for lazying around on the couch watching Netflix and scrolling though my Facebook feed. 
but when it comes to girls i wont something so different its scary. i like a girl who does all the cleaning but leaves the cooking to me, someone who is controlling and listens to me, someone who is open to having a baby implanted inside me, someone who loves animals and cares for the environment.

what do i identify myself as?
i identify myself as a Gothic emo who loves rock and roll and heavy music, i wear dark clothes but have a girly streak when it comes to clothes and fashion, im a adult at heart even though im only 13, i love kids and can spend hours at a time playing with my friends kids, i hate kids my age instead of hanging out with 13 year old i like to hang out with the 12,11,10 even 5 year old, i like to get some cash where ever i go even if its 10c, i work hard to get paid and i hate when things are just handed to me, i like being prepared for the day and knowing what i need to get when.

there you go thats what i identify as.

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