Sunday, 1 January 2017



Today i have to clean like most teenagers except i get payed to clean the house, this money will go towards the first step of my budget, yes a 13 year old girl from new Zealand is on a budget but why....
i get $300 dollars a month to go towards my puppy saviours food and bills regarding vets trips etc., my phone credit, savings for my new phone (yes i buy my own phones but do you really think my mum is gonna buy me a new phone when i go though so many?) i also have to buy presents for peoples birthdays non the less my own clothes and shoes etc lucky for me i don't mind paying for my own stuff, its just proving to both me and my mum that im already another step closer to being an adult and that im responsible enough not to get payed and just throw it around.

anyway i don't get payed until 11th i think so today is non stop cleaning, i have been making a vlog today which wont be posted until the 14th but at least im getting content ready instead of sitting around doing nothing on my break.

so far i have sorted the washing into loads so its faster to get them done, i have done a load of dishes and when im done writing this im going to sort the dishes into piles to get done as well as hand washing the dishes that need to be hand washed, im going to clean up the mess my dog and cat have made as well as folding the washing that's done and putting it away, im going to sweep vacuum and wash the floors as well as tidying up the kitchen, getting rid or the rubbish and making both mine and my mums beds, im going to sort my clothes out which are on the floor and get them into rubbish bags ready to wash and sell/ put away, im going to find my camera charger and charge my camera ready to make videos.

alight see you later

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