Monday, 2 January 2017

can't sleep


i'm writing this at 5:55am all and only because i cant sleep but first to understand the situation better lets rewind in time to before bed.

at 10.30pm my mum was going to sleep a lot later then usual after watching the vampire diaries, i gave her a cuddles before bring my dog into my room, i started to watch YouTube and started feeling sick nausea almost, i decided to call it quiets and go to sleep after spending half an hour still feeling sick and not being able to get comfy my puppy Saviour decided it was time to go toilet so i took him outside and came back inside and got changed out of my daily clothes and into my pj's before fixing up my pillows and lying down but i got up not even 10 minutes later to go toilet that's when i decided to make myself a drink and get something to eat, i then walked into my room with a can of peaches and a glass of OJ and lay down to eat and now im here falling asleep but still not feeling 100% but lets just see how the morning goes when i wake up.

pic below is my puppy Saviour and me on 29/12/2016 when he turned 9 weeks old. (he has a treat in his mouth)

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