Monday, 20 February 2017

being sick


being sick gives me time to think, time to play the Sims 4 and time for me to get depressed because I'm hungry.

but it has given me time to work out my You Tube.
i was able to find a site to help with my problem with tags i can never make them so i found a site its called rapid tags and all i have to do is write in my You Tube video name and bam tags, i don't even need to copy them in genius.

something i hate about being sick, the not being able to eat.

but you know it has helped me watch orange is the new black all of it, i have been sick litarly going on two weeks and im still sick grrr oh well till next time peeps.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

whats its like to be a daily video adder on youtube


its hard having to have videos ready everyday to be posted, my videos are backed up for over 3 weeks so realistically when you get a video its actually been 3 weeks old, but there is no way in hell im going to make a video that day and then post it that day, because i could be making a video at 11:15 pm and by the time its done and up on my channel to be viewed its actually the next day,
like today its 11:44pm and im uploading today's and tomorrows now so that there ready to be posted,
in the morning im going to start my exercise routine and its gonna be hard heres how its going to go.

9:00am- get ready for day
9:30-let animals out
9:35-have breakfast
10:30-train saviour
11:00- do my makeup and get changed
11:30-do dishes and washing
12:00pm-free time (would be put youtube video up)
12:20- write book chapters (2 on main...1 on extra...1 on disorder)
2;00-make a youtube video
2:20- have lunch
2:40-train saviour
3:00-go for quick run
after im done with my run i then have time to do what ever i need to.

im gonna go and get some sleep i will see you guys later...

Monday, 9 January 2017

what do i identify as


something i get asked more then enough when im at school is what am i well that's easy im human, no they say what do you identify as, what is your type of person to date and what are you? that's simple enough for everyone out there let me tell you more about my 'identity' 

what gender do i like?
i like both girls and boys so i identify in this sense as bisexual but if you where to ask me what sort of personality i like in both genders that would be harder to say on the girl side then the guys.
for guys i like the shy and nerdy type, the type that is afraid to hurt you or make a move, but i also like a guy with a bad boy streak not the druggy type or the criminal type the type that can be dominating when needed e.g. intercourse. i like a guy who knows how to cook and clean, and understands my fussy eating habits, a guy who wont crittersie me for lazying around on the couch watching Netflix and scrolling though my Facebook feed. 
but when it comes to girls i wont something so different its scary. i like a girl who does all the cleaning but leaves the cooking to me, someone who is controlling and listens to me, someone who is open to having a baby implanted inside me, someone who loves animals and cares for the environment.

what do i identify myself as?
i identify myself as a Gothic emo who loves rock and roll and heavy music, i wear dark clothes but have a girly streak when it comes to clothes and fashion, im a adult at heart even though im only 13, i love kids and can spend hours at a time playing with my friends kids, i hate kids my age instead of hanging out with 13 year old i like to hang out with the 12,11,10 even 5 year old, i like to get some cash where ever i go even if its 10c, i work hard to get paid and i hate when things are just handed to me, i like being prepared for the day and knowing what i need to get when.

there you go thats what i identify as.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

getting back on track


i have to get back on track with my wattpading as i haven't updated in months, i have enough youtube videos to keep me going for a while but other then that everything is shit, between my puppy and cleaning/ resting i haven't been writing which is making me really depressed as i dont know what to do with myself anymore.

on another note Saviour turned 9 weeks today and that is what makes me super happy at some point im going to give him a bath so he can be nice and clean when hes moved outside tonight.

Monday, 2 January 2017

can't sleep


i'm writing this at 5:55am all and only because i cant sleep but first to understand the situation better lets rewind in time to before bed.

at 10.30pm my mum was going to sleep a lot later then usual after watching the vampire diaries, i gave her a cuddles before bring my dog into my room, i started to watch YouTube and started feeling sick nausea almost, i decided to call it quiets and go to sleep after spending half an hour still feeling sick and not being able to get comfy my puppy Saviour decided it was time to go toilet so i took him outside and came back inside and got changed out of my daily clothes and into my pj's before fixing up my pillows and lying down but i got up not even 10 minutes later to go toilet that's when i decided to make myself a drink and get something to eat, i then walked into my room with a can of peaches and a glass of OJ and lay down to eat and now im here falling asleep but still not feeling 100% but lets just see how the morning goes when i wake up.

pic below is my puppy Saviour and me on 29/12/2016 when he turned 9 weeks old. (he has a treat in his mouth)

Sunday, 1 January 2017



Today i have to clean like most teenagers except i get payed to clean the house, this money will go towards the first step of my budget, yes a 13 year old girl from new Zealand is on a budget but why....
i get $300 dollars a month to go towards my puppy saviours food and bills regarding vets trips etc., my phone credit, savings for my new phone (yes i buy my own phones but do you really think my mum is gonna buy me a new phone when i go though so many?) i also have to buy presents for peoples birthdays non the less my own clothes and shoes etc lucky for me i don't mind paying for my own stuff, its just proving to both me and my mum that im already another step closer to being an adult and that im responsible enough not to get payed and just throw it around.

anyway i don't get payed until 11th i think so today is non stop cleaning, i have been making a vlog today which wont be posted until the 14th but at least im getting content ready instead of sitting around doing nothing on my break.

so far i have sorted the washing into loads so its faster to get them done, i have done a load of dishes and when im done writing this im going to sort the dishes into piles to get done as well as hand washing the dishes that need to be hand washed, im going to clean up the mess my dog and cat have made as well as folding the washing that's done and putting it away, im going to sweep vacuum and wash the floors as well as tidying up the kitchen, getting rid or the rubbish and making both mine and my mums beds, im going to sort my clothes out which are on the floor and get them into rubbish bags ready to wash and sell/ put away, im going to find my camera charger and charge my camera ready to make videos.

alight see you later